The Complete Nocturnes (18 in all) of John Field give me pleasure every time I hear them and I must have listened to them hundreds of times. I will never tire of them. Field was born in Dublin in 1782 and died in Moscow in 1837. He achieved local celebrity as a pianist while still a youth and moved to London as an apprentice to Clementi, who ran a piano workshop. Clementi over-worked and blatantly took advantage of Field, using him as a salesman-demonstrator from dawn until dusk. Field accompanied Clementi on his European tours and often played instead of Clementi. Clementi even went so far as to publish Field's compositions anonymously and pocketed the concert fees that were due to Field. As much as I enjoy Clementi's music I can never quite forgive him for his treatment of John Field. Fortunately Field parted company with his greedy employer and soon made a name for himself among society circles and salons, taking on wealthy pupils and becoming a legend in his life time, anticipating and influencing Chopin by twenty years, as well as Liszt, Faure and others. Field was a pleasant and innocent man and enjoyed the purity of life and nature without complication. I often think about him with affection.