A selection of relevant websites.

Robert Temple

My husband Robert Temple's personal website, which includes detailed information about his books and articles that he has had published over the years, plus photographs and commentary from his adventures around the world.

The Sphinx Mystery

Dedicated website for our latest book. Revealing that the Sphinx was originally a monumental Anubis, the Egyptian jackal god, and that its face is that of a Middle Kingdom Pharaoh, Amenemhet II, which was a later re-carving

The Sonnets to Orpheus

Robert's new website with his translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's volume of poetry SONNETS TO ORPHEUS.

My Film Reviews on IMDB.com

Planetary Coral Reef Foundation

This site shows the work of remarkable people whose untiring dedication to monitor the coral reefs of the world's oceans is awe-inspiring.

Burma Campaign

I am a great supporter of the Burma Campaign UK. Lend your support and click the link above.

Beijing of Dreams

This is Robert's website which shows the lost ‘Beijing of Dreams’, using old photos surviving from the time when Beijing was the greatest walled capital city anywhere in the world. We have concentrated at first upon showing the vast walls and gates of Beijing, all but a few traces of which are gone now.


This website is maintained by Jonathan Greet of dumdum, specialists in interactive panoramic photography, photography, design and web creation. You can contact them via email here:  info@dumdum.co.uk