This was taken at the start of the Brighton Run, in Hyde Park, in 1963. I was with my father's old friend Owen Bridcott and we left London at 8:30am, taking about five hours to cover the 54 miles to Brighton. I made a warm hat out of my grand-mother's fox fur. The car was a de Dion Bouton.
The Brighton Run.
Mrs Shakespeare was a flower seller on the corner of High Street Kensington for many years. In 1967 this photo of me smelling some carnations appeared in the local Kensington newspaper. My dress was from BIBA, the most popular shop in London at that time. I worked there for a while and had a cupboard full of Biba clothes which I wish I had kept as a bit of fashion history. Click on the image to see the article as it appeared in the Kensington newspaper (PDF, 1.8MB).
In the Portobello Road with David Mainman buying props for window-dressing
With Elizabeth Hutton and Daniel Pearce. Warwick Hutton took the photo on an old glass plate camera. I am wearing a BIBA dress - I loved Biba clothes and this was one of the first, when Biba's was in Abingdon Road off Kensington High St.
Wood Nymphs! With Elizabeth Hutton. Bikinis in the woods? Photo by Warwick Hutton
I am on the right in this photo from an article that appeared in Post Weekend Magazine showcasing some of Lee Bender's dresses. Click on the image to see the original article (PDF, 0.9MB).
Standing in the fountain in Russell Square
With my friend Janet Benham. We sang with a group called The Creations (didn't last long)
This was taken by a boyfriend who was a photographer at the BBC – I worked at Heal's in Tottenham Court Road as a trainee designer and for many years this photo was with Babs Reid (later Mrs Tom Madeley), who was on the Reception Desk. She was a very good friend until her death three years ago in her eighties. It was then that the photo was returned to me.
Small towel produced by Heals showing the original premises in 1776
I used to make collage cards for friends’ birthdays etc. We all did because greetings cards were expensive and not nearly as exciting as they are now.

This one includes a photo of my best friend Tessa Perceval in her stripey sailor top and me in a white towelling bikini with a strangely vacant expression…..
This was the first photograph I developed myself when I went to photography classes. I was about 19. I took the photo on Primrose Hill and think it rather atmospheric.
Pictured here with Tessa Perceval at an exhibition by her uncle David Boyd. This photograph appeared in the magazine 'London Look' on 10 June 1967. Click on the image to see the magazine cover and page (PDF, 0.5MB).